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Sending Dirt Bikes

What does an old wild hog enclosure have to do with dirt bikes? First of all, nothing at all. Except maybe that it is dirty there. No one would suspect a couple of massive kickers there, all piled up by hand.
You turn off the main road and ride up a small gravel path until you finally come to a sharp right in front of the entrance to the enclosure. You can’t see much yet. An old large shed and maybe a few cars. Sometimes you can hear loud music. When you get out and walk a few steps, you can see the track that the guys have built here. Wherever you look there are kickers and more kickers. One more steep and bigger than the other. Perfectly tuned to each other. At least if you can ride them. In between trails that connect everything. These narrow routes alone have already brought one or the other rudely to fall. You can not believe that only a handful of guys take care of this area and have built everything themselves.
The contest on this awesome piece of land was sick. People came from all over. The vibe was great, the weather was fantastic. The event was a great success and so was the aftershow party. I’m pretty sure that some people won’t quite remember it.