Hey there!

My name is Sebastian Mittermeier. I am a adventure and outdoor photographer from the south of Germany with a passion for the mountains, sports and travel. With my photography, I want to inspire people to go out and seek adventure themselves. No matter if it’s your own backyard or in a foreign country.

I was born and raised in Bavaria. It was not always easy to grow up in the middle of nowhere. Especially because everything always seemed very far away. Nevertheless, I am very proud of my roots and everything I connect with them. I am thrilled that even as a child I was able to spend a lot of time in nature. The first really big thing for me was skateboarding and it has been with me for more than 15 years of my life. It has shaped me as a person and I was able to meet many great people. Many of them are still my best friends.

But over the last few years, this passion has changed. Today, I’m most excited about nature and all the activities connected to it. The more time I can spend outdoors, the better. It helps me to put things into perspective and to focus on the important things in life.

So what does photography mean to me? Photography is so much more to me than just taking pictures or a job that you do for a living. I have always been a very visual person and can picture things very clearly. With this visual imagination, I thought graphic design is my path. After graduation, I worked as a designer for 7 years. The most time as an Art Director for various departments of Red Bull. As a team, we created creative concepts and handled projects on an international level. But as a designer, I was missing something that photography had. It is the experience. Going out with an idea in my head, experiencing something outdoors, and coming back with an image is the greatest thing for me. So maybe you can even say that photography is the way I live. It allows me to connect everything that is important to me. Photography is the tool for me to get those images out of my head and a big reason for me to go on adventures and explore new places.

If you are interested in working together, feel free to reach out at sebastian@beyondplaces.de

For the licensing of my work please please get in touch with Stills.

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