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Northern Spain

To northern Spain by camper. How did the idea come together? Quite simple, actually. My good buddy Vinzent had just finished his master’s degree in forestry and wanted to travel a bit before he started his job. I wanted to do a photo trip. We planned to explore an area we both had never been to before. From Northern Spain, we had both heard many stories. The area is very well known by surfers, but stories of wild camping on the cliffs and partly empty lineups still stick around. Vinz and I are not only loving to be at the ocean, but also like to be in the mountains. That’s why we included the Picos de Europa as a fixed part of our trip. It is a big chalkstone range in the Cantabrian mountains. Furthermore it is a national park. But where does this „Northern Spain“ actually begin and end? To be honest, we didn’t decide exactly. Actually we only knew three things. We want to go surfing, we want to explore the mountains and we have two weeks to do it. And our home for the trip? A camper van that we were given for the time by a camper van manufacturer. In return, I would take pictures for them