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waxzam - founded in the rivers of munich

Client: WaxZam

Photography: Sebastian Mittermeier

Post & Retouch: Sebastian Mittermeier

After a short Instagram contact I had the first wax with me to test. And shit is that good! Works exactly as it should. And then it consists purely of natural raw materials. When I was with Steffi and Julien in Munich, I was able to watch the production process. It’s crazy that they do it all completely by hand. And I really mean completely everything. Only the development of the first final composition alone took a whole year. But it was definitely worth the effort. Julien even made the first model for her wax blocks herself and ground it into the desired shape. After the two of them have poured their wax into the moulds, it has to be packed, of course. And here again manual work is the order of the day. At the table in Steffi’s apartment every block is neatly packed so that people can take it out and put the wax on their boards later.

Made in Munich, designed for the world,
to keep our waters healthy.

After the wax production and packing we went surfing. We were at the „Floßländle“, at the E2 and of course at the Eisbach. And man… this wave just always looks awesome! With the rough face and a lot of power the Eisbach is one of my favourite river waves to take pictures. In addition, there are always surfers in the line up who are really good at it. If there is such a wave in a city, you will understand very quickly why Steffi and Julien didn’t just make some wax. They wanted one that is also suitable for high performance surfers and always gives perfect grip. No matter what conditions.

However, as mentioned before, the wax consists only of natural raw materials. Julien explained everything to me in detail when I was there. If you want to know more, I’m sure you can contact WaxZam. Personally I can’t explain it in a way that does justice to what they have developed.

I haven’t written much this time, but I think the pictures speak for themselves. We had a great day, and a lot of fun. I love working with people who take things into their own hands and just do something. If you ask somebody if you can just make surf wax by yourself, from your own basement, most people probably wouldn’t expect anything that good to come out of it. Especially when you consider how many types of wax are already on the market. Nevertheless Steffi and Julien just did it. And the result is something that has huge potential and I’m glad that I could somehow be part of it by photographing them. If you got curious, you should have a look at the website www.waxzam.de.