47°46'26.1"N 13°26'13.7"E


Ever since I first came to the Salzkammergut, I wanted to hike on the Schafberg. But somehow it never happened. Especially the many tourists had always put me off. They don’t really correspond to the mountain experience I’m looking for. For some time I had forgotten the mountain a little, but one evening I decided to go there the next morning. 

I started my hike in the dark. Nearly half of the way I walked steeply uphill through the forest. Arrived at the first plateau, the sun slowly rose. My goal was to reach the top before the first train with tourists starts in the valley. 

During my ascent to the summit I realized that the train is not running at the moment because it is being rebuilt. When I reached the top, I had the whole mountain to myself. I couldn’t believe that my idea had really worked and that I could enjoy the view and take pictures in complete silence.

Not until my descent did the exhausted masses of tourists, who could only go to the middle station because of the construction site, come towards me.

In any case, the adventure on Mount Schafberg will remain in my memory for a very long time.