47°45'00.7"N 12°18'43.5"E

Off the beaten tracks

These days it is not so easy to go hiking alone. At least it seems so to me. Nevertheless, the fact is that more and more people are on the road in the mountains. Basically not bad that more people have the urge to go out and be in nature. But the flip side is that the peaks and trails are becoming more crowded. If you are looking for peace and solitude in nature, this is of course not always compatible with each other.

For me, the solution is thorough research. The less I find about a mountain, the better. The more likely that he is rather unknown. It’s still strange when the hiker parking lot is filled to bursting and yet you meet virtually no one on the climb, but I guess most prefer to trot along after the masses.
This is exactly such a lonely tour. Where it is exactly, I do not reveal of course. Whoever wants to find it, will certainly find himself. It is not difficult.

From the first step it goes steeply uphill. Through forests and open spaces. The last even steeper piece to the summit still wore its winter dress. That didn’t exactly make it easier. We both had anyway not the best condition on this day. But the moment when you can finally look over the edge at the top is worth it every time. Then the thought of the effort and to turn back is immediately forgotten. And the best part? Silence. Lonely silence on the summit, while the sun finally fell behind the high mountains.